I've felt the sea my entire life from the time I was born on the coast of South Carolina as the eldest son of a US Marine Fighter Pilot. Surfing and playing in the Ocean as a kid until the present.  

But what affected me the most was taking to the sea as a novice sailor alone on a 30' sailboat and spending seventeen days and nights out there.  But, that's another story.  

You can find out more about me by going to my personal website:  gregfrucci.com  

Below is video footage I shot while alone at sea with music from a friend of mine, Pablo A. Mendoza, who gave me permission to use his music in my video.  

Click play on the video below for beautiful images of the sea set to beautiful Latin guitar music...

I create artwork from passionately experiencing Life. Everything in this store original creations and come from that place within us all where inspiration is born. 

This symbol grew out of a ring tattoo on my finger.  For me, the symbol represents a peaceful transformation over time.  Different people see different things.  What does it remind you of?

The Ring Tattoo created by Greg Frucci, 2010