Why Am I So Passionate About Sailing?

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Because I sailed alone in the Atlantic Ocean during the hurricane season of 2011.  I wanted an Adventure and I got one.  Storms, the Bermuda Triangle and peaceful days became a Pilgrimage to Self.  People like you who know the sea get it.

I wrote a book about the voyage...

Here's a question for you:

Have you ever wanted to take off on an Adventure and leave everything behind?

You know…the moment when you say to yourself, That’s it! I’m done! I’m outta here and I’m going to go live my own life for once!

Some will call you selfish.

Some will call you crazy and reckless.

Some will say that you are going through menopause or a mid-life crisis or whatever.

Many will throw so much negativity your way that the urge will get even stronger.

I can laugh about it now.  Those of us who have been out there know what a profound effect the sea can have upon us.  Whether alone or with fellow mariners, spending time at sea creates a fearlessness in us which we can take wherever we go.

I feel blessed to have been able to go through the transformation while battling the elements, yet the fight was a good one.  The good fight was a battle with self.

And I won.

I write about Life on my personal website.  All of what I write about comes from how being at sea alone created the human I am now.  Below is the link to my website:


Why are you passionate about the sea?


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