What The Heck Is Up With The Bermuda Longtail Dude? It Is Just a Bird.

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People have asked me, What's up with the Bermuda Longtail, dude? It's just a bird.

Well, I met some locals in Bermuda who will tell you differently as they told me. The Longtail is special...bigtime.

If you are interested in reading a true story of the Longtail and more, CLICK the IMAGE below.  You'll go to AMAZON and get a free preview of the book I wrote about my solo sailing Adventure to the islands of Bermuda and back.

The story is true...however, I wrote the book from a third person point of view. I changed my name and most of the others in order to protect the privacy of some who did not like what I wrote.

The Truth sets us all Free...

The Bermuda Longtail is symbolic of the Freedom we all seek...
and I found my freedom upon the sea.

Peace to you,
Greg Frucci
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