The Story Behind The Creation of the Transformation Symbol

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Transformation Symbol

Photo by: Patricia Roseman, February 15, 2011

I titled the symbol as Transformation for a reason.  There is a story behind the creation of the symbol.  The symbol is not just a doodle.  The symbol has massive meaning for me and it relates directly to the Sea.

Before I took to the sea on an adventure, some said it looked like a dragonfly.  The wild thing is that the tattoo was done before I set sail alone in the Atlantic.  On the second day at sea, and every day until I arrived in Bermuda, a bird I didn't know existed, came to visit each day.  A Bermuda Longtail.  That is a story I will tell in another post.  For now, take a look at this pic I shot while out there...

Bermuda Longtail

The two crossing bands became the first part of the tattoo created back in 1997 at a tattoo parlor in Southern Virgina as a wedding band for my 2nd wife.  Ten years later, we divorced.  

Just a suggestion here...but think more than twice about getting a tattoo as a wedding band.  Just sayn'.  LOL.

Oh, and my first wife?  That one ended in a divorce also.  I wore the typical gold wedding band for that one.  The ring was tossed into the Atlantic Ocean on the day the divorce was final.  Don't judge.  I'm a Virgo and we do stuff like that.

Back to the story...

The lower portion below the bands became the second part of the tat done in Wilmington, NC by Hardwire Tattoo in 2008.  

Guess what?  Yep, that second part of the tattoo was created for the woman I began dating after the divorce from my second wife divorced me.  My choice to do it and I own it in laughter now.  

Two years later on my 50th birthday in 2010, she dumped me.  Now, there are two women on my finger.  Yeesh...

A couple of months later, steadfastly single in a monk-like way, I got the idea to take off on the adventure at sea I mentioned earlier.  

The circle over the two crossing bands of my ring tattoo was done while in South Beach, FL on 2/12/11 at Pirate Tattoo by Jenny Forth.  With the circle above the two crossing bands, the tattoo became complete.

Laughing at the process of Transformation

I was a novice sailor.  

I italicize the word was because after sailing alone into the center of a developing tropical system alone, surviving, making it to Bermuda after eight days, jumping back in the 30' Irwin sailboat again alone after repairs were made five months later and sailing back to North Carolina during late Fall, one becomes more than a novice sailor. Again, LOL.


Just so you know, it's kinda fun writing this story years after it all happened.

So for me and others who know the story like you do now, the symbol is more than lines on a piece of paper or ink on a shirt.  The Transformation Symbol is the representation of the process of Life.   

We each go through changes.  A change will always happen regardless of what we want.  

Sometimes we do not wish to because of intensity.  I get that because, at the time of going through the storm, I just wanted it to be over and drink a cold one.  Yet, that moment became an awakening for me and everything changed. 

I felt a transformation into Love.

Here is a copy of the original sketch before the final circle was placed upon my finger.  I will be creating more clothing designs from this over time.

Original Ring Tat drawing by Greg Frucci in December 2010 and now the Transformation Symbol

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  • Julie Floyd on

    I always wondered about that tattoo, thanks for sharing your story.

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