Tell Me I Need To Fear Something And I Will Laugh In Your Face. I Am A Sailor.

fear Judgment sail away Sailors

Sailor facing fear

I see it all the time, in the media, on Facebook, etc, and it's all designed to keep humans in fear. It's all about control.  

Sailors sail away from Fear

Or, sail away.  That's what I did.  

I for one, will not be controlled by anyone or anything.

Nor will I be tricked into a false sense of safety by running towards someone or something that creates any fear based idea and then says:

Don't worry, I'll protect you from so and so. You need me.

Well, if some humans want to live their lives in fear, that's their choice to do so.

But why stand on a riverbank while life flows by like a river into a wonderous sea?

Is it Judgment to point this out?

Perhaps it would be judgment if I remained on the riverbank and condemned my fellow humans for their personal choices.

Yet, I choose to do the following knowing the Ocean is waiting for me.

  1. Merely observe,
  2. Respect another's choice,
  3. Declare my Freedom to be in Dominion over my Self,
  4. Smile in a Loving way,
  5. Turn and just walk away while stepping onto my boat.
  6. Sail gently into the sea with the engine off and listen to Nature while humans scream at each other on the shore.

I choose the Sea.

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